︎ I open Vorig Studio and start a new character.

︎ I select the characters gender with a slider.

︎From there, I click my way through a series of customization options.

︎ I open VseeFace

︎ I select my webcam as the video input and my audio interface as the audio input.

︎ My image is captured by the webcam.


︎ It enters my PC via USB and is processed by the Vseeface software.

︎ The motions of my face is extracted from the video feed and mapped onto the avatar.

︎ I click play in VSee Face and switch tabs to OBS Studio

︎ In OBS, I add the VSee Face window as an input and adjust the size of it to fill the OBS Studio canvas, which I have set to 1080p.

// It seems to work quite well, but pretty archaic. I am actually surprised by it. But it feels like a creative limitation in some ways. I have to be quite expressive, almost theatrical with my expressions to achieve some subtle looks. This is very much unlike other, more high fidelity animation software I have used.

// I also find out that I can use the keyboard to change the expressions of the avatar. So the expression of my face becomes totally irrelevant. The only thing left is a very rough translation of my movements.