Closed Loop / Scrying Mirror

with Maurice Wald

2022, 2-channel video installation

Closed Loop / Scrying Mirror explores themes of algorithmic and divinatory prediction, simulation, and magical conceptions of technology. Gesturing towards colonial, market-driven, and technocratic notions of prediction, it references the scrying mirror, a divination artifact originating in pre-columbian Mesoamerica, later adopted by European astrologers like John Dee, and the practice of augury, where the augur divines the future by observing patterns in (in this case simulated) bird behavior.


with Kani Lent

2022, 2-chanel video, sound

Abstraction at Scale

2021, mixed-media installation, screen, 3D animated video, soil, LED lights

The installation deals with the aesthetics of Interiorization of Earth through data gathering and modelling. These technologies are driven by a modernist-cybernetic desire to make the entirety of Earth calculable, knowable, and manageable.
The synthetic data-images created by remote sensing technologies show Earth as a seemingly uninhabited or liveless digital landscape, their god-like, horizon-less perspective decouples the viewer from their own situatedness on the planet and within its systems. As Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak puts it in An Aesthetic Education in the Era of Globalization:

“The Globe is on our computers. No one lives there.”

I Am Everybody, I Am Every Body

with Marque-Lin and Maurice Wald

2021, AV performance

I Am Everybody, I Am Every Body is an experimental performance and audio-visual piece that traces a fractured semiautobiography of Marque-Lin as a daughter of Vietnamnese refugees. Present as both metaphor and narrative device, an AI-entity acts as a dynamic, essentialising, and oppressing environment that migrates through, indifferent to their action and emotions, analysing, categorizing, and (mis-)interpreting, transforming her into - a nation-less AI-produced female entity that has decided to finally investigate the systems and networks that have created her in search of her point of origin and subsequently her purpose in living an existence of total ambiguity. Questions of nationhood, inter-generational inheritance, historical, and personal trauma skip and glitch as questions the pervasive sense of unrest and constant malfunctions happening in her body. From within the black box - a space of unknown codes and hidden layers - her identity emerges.
I Am Everybody, I Am Every Body was commissioned by the English Theatre Berlin | International Performing Arts Centre and shown at the EXPO Festival 2021 as well as the Festival der Jungen Talente 2022

You can listen to the soundtrack here.

Written, Directed and Performed by Marque-Lin (USA)
Sound, Video, Stage Design and Programming / AI by Felix Ansmann & Maurice Wald (Germany)
Choreography by Ly Nguyen (Germany/Vietnam) | Costume Design by Jessika Strauck (USA/Germany)

The Wait

with Gabber Eleganza

2020, three-channel video, 19:02

The Wait is a three-channel video by artist Gabber Eleganza for which I did the editing. It was produced as a site-specific video for Tame, a club event at Berlin’s Trauma Bar & Kino.