FELIX ANSMANN is an artist and anthropologist. He is interested in contemporary media culture and the realities produced by networked technology. He produces video, installation, text and images. 


Citations (Panels I - III)
0003A  — 2024 
An ongoing series of works on visualizing abstract economic processes using citating, sampling, and collaging as methods.
works, mixed media

Abstract Risk: Notes on the Culture of Financialization
0001C — 2023 | New Practice in Art and Technology
Thesis research on the political / economic / technological history financialization, derivatives, and abstraction.
research, writing

The Witching Hour
0002A  — 2023 
A video essay on capitalism's ways of seeing, on finance and abstraction, the social and the planetary.
works, video, single-channel

Closed Loop / Scrying Mirror
0001A  —  2022
A video installation dealing with computational prediction and divination. With Maurice Wald.
works, video, installation

Aesthetics of Interiorization
0003D — 2022 | Focus on Transformation Conference
Lecture on visual paradigms of interiorization and containment from colonial maps ot Blue Marble to planetary scale computation.

other, lecture, research

Virtualities and Worldbuilding
0002D — 2021 | University of Arts Berlin
Transdisciplinary design studio on virtuality as potentiality and possibility and worldbuilding as critical design practice.

other, teaching, writing

Reject Reality / Embrace Belief
0002B – 2021 | New Models Y2K20 Codex
On conspiracy theories, the alt right, meme magick and the crisis of reality.  
writing, essay

I'm Going to a Show (in a Videogame)
0001B – 2021 | New Models Y2K20 Codex
On gaming platforms, socializing online, and the Covid19 pandemic.  

writing, essay

Lecture and Workshop Series
0001D — 2021 | University of Arts Berlin
Initiated, co-curated and -facilitated a lecture and workshop series featuring Black Swan DAO, the Strelka Insitute, and Doireann O’Malley among others that later developed into Loops.

other, organization, facilitation