FELIX ANSMANN is an anthropologist, artist, and researcher. He is interested in networked technology, computational media and the realitites they produce. He produces video, installation, text and images. 


Felix Ansmann is an anthropologist, visual artist and writer. His practice combines anthropological methodologies and artistic research and manifests in video, text, installation, and images. He is interested in the complex entanglements between technology, economy and ecology and the realities produced by networked technology.

In his research, Ansmann investigates computational and economic media, the culture(s) they create, and the world views they express. He traces  shifting cultural and visual paradigms through colonial and imperial histories, histories of technology and globalization, and of a transforming planetary ecology.

Next to his own practice, he works in research, communications, production and programming in the arts, culture and technology sector and teaches.



New Practice in Art & Technology, University of the Arts / Technical University, Berlin
M.A. Design & Computation, class of Prof. Hito Steyerl

Humboldt-University, Berlin
B.A. Cultural Anthropology and Area Studies

Univeristy of Fine Art, Hamburg 
Time-based media, class of Prof. Simon Denny

Queen Mary University, London
Modern Art History & History of Race in the US

Selected Exhibitions / Screenings

B3 Festival of the Moving Image, Frankfurt a.M, group show
Brutalism, Kornversuchsspeicher, Berlin, group show
Hyperstition, Museum für Fotografie, Berlin, group show
Expect the Unexpected, Kunstmuseum Bonn, Bonn, group show
Vorspiel CTM / Transmediale, SIlent Green, Berlin, group show

Temporary Home, Documenta 15, Kassel, screening
Ars Electronica, Linz, group show
Profiling, Museum für Fotografie, Berlin, group show
Save Changes, Studio Hannibal, Berlin, screening
Festival der Jungen Talente, Kunstverein Frankfurt, Frankfurt a.M., performance with Marque-Lin / Maurice Wald
Sympoetic Sites, University of Arts, Berlin, group show

Another Matter, Acud Gallery, Berlin, group show
Virtualities Open Studio, University of Arts Berlin, group show
EXPO Festival, English Theatre | Performing Arts Space, Berlin, performance with Marque-Lin / Maurice Wald

Tame, Trauma Bar & Kino, Berlin, screening with Gabber Eleganza
Hevre x Intermedia, Warsaw, screening